In 2012, I was in Bloomingdale's in nyc when I noticed a bag on the shelf that looked like a "face." I was with a friend who had seen that bag hundreds of times, but until that moment, had never seen the face.

Delighted by this shift in perspective, we began seeing faces in objects everywhere we went. To make room for them all I made a folder on my computer to share with others. And a funny thing happened. The more we shared this discovery with others, the more people started to admit that they see faces in objects everywhere too.

According to science, our brains are hard-wired to see faces in things. Carl Sagan called it a survival adaptation. Artists from Leonardo Da Vinci to Picasso, Dali and Ralph Steadman have used "Pareidolia" to their advantage in their work, the latter using ink blot to paint over a canvas while letting the scene begin to reveal itself.

Back to the hundreds of faces in a folder on my computer. I attended a workshop called the Bold Academy where we went to explore our hobbies and passions. While I was there a friend suggested that I make a whimsical book out of all of my faces. Taking it one step further, I decided to create a brand of these Faces in Objects and call it iseefacestoo. What started as a thought became a vision and I began to experiment with t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats and cards to see differently.

And then something magical happened. As I was strolling San Francisco, I came across a building called FACES SF :) I went in and learned they are a non-profit that provides artistic after-school programs and early childhood education to at-risk children from Bayview Hunter's-Point, an area that is often overlooked in San Francisco. A conversation led to a partnership and today my art and merchandise is meant to shift our perspectives and help us to look beyond what is in front of us.

10% of all proceeds goes directly to their after-school programs for the arts. If you are interested in learning more about the project and, please contact

Yours truly,